Documentaries by Neil Pike


In his spare time, Neil makes (or helps to make) environmental documentaries for the
Rainforest Information Centre.
Some of them are below…

Appiko- to embrace

In the tradition of Gandhi and the Chipko movement,they used direct action to save the forests of the Western Ghats. The story of a non-violent grass-roots movement that arose in the vilages of Southern India. An inspirational half-hour documentary about environmental activism and tree-hugging featuring Sunderlal Bahuguna, Pandurang Hegde and Vandana Shiva

On The Brink

A tale of endangered species featuring David Attenborough, David Suzuki, David Bellamy, Jack Thompson, Olivia Newton John, Koala, Owl, Quoll & Glider. For the young at heart.


Neil doesn’t recommend the indiscriminate use of illegal drugs to anyone (except himself of course) but he most definitely feels that most of the problems associated with drug use stem from their illegality and that society will never reach a rational approach to drug use until irrational legal taboos are removed. ┬áBecause of this (and because he’s an old hippy who lives in Nimbin), he’s been actively involved in drug law reform for most of his life and has made several documentary pieces about it. ┬áSome of them are below…

We’re Just Doing Our Job

Hippies, cops & cannabis in Nimbin, Australia and the bad side-effects of the current pot laws. Is the war on drugs just another bad marketing exercise by the US government or an excuse for decades worth of lifestyle harrassment? Find out what happens when they give video cameras to hippys. Video activism at its most gonzo!

Nimbin April Fool’s Day Raid

On April 1st 2008, a huge contingent of police raided the small Australian hippy town of Nimbin… yet again.

In memorium- Owsley “Bear” Stanley

A few words of wisdom from one of the great unsung heroes of the ’60s