Musician, Videographer, Activist & Professional Weirdo

Neil Pike

is a musician, video-maker & life-time activist.  He lives in the rainforested hippy warrens surrounding the rural Australian town of Nimbin.  Raised by peace activists in the ’50s & ’60s, he has been making music and causing trouble since the early 1970s, involving himself in a range of causes from environmental protection to various social justice issues.  In the last decade or two he’s also been making videos in a blatant but completely unsuccessful attempt to “brainwash the masses”.
Neil is the founder and Grand Authenticated Bush Turkey of the Pagan Love Cult inc, probably the longest running contemporary psychedelic music group in Australia. Their musical style moves from old-school folk-rock through hippy pop to a more modern electronica. When the other members of the PLC can’t be convinced to travel thousands of miles for a gig, Neil puts on his “psychedelic troubadour” hat and does solo gigs. He is a multi-instrumentalist and  singer-songwriter who has performed at gigs & festivals extensively all around the world. “The best thing about being the Grand Authenticated Bush Turkey” says Neil “is that only other turkeys take you seriously”.

An entertaining & humorous public speaker with a definite “gift of the gab”, he has spoken at many conferences both nationally & internationally on a range of topics.

Neil is available for bookings and can be contacted for more information here.