Neil Pike as a solo act can fit comfortably in a number of situations.

A Man & His Computer

Due to the “miracle” of digital recording, Neil can supply a produced & polished band sound (drums, bass, keyboards, multiple instruments & vocals) with just himself, his guitar & his computer.   Anyone who feels this is cheating or some kind of “psychedelic karaoke”, should be reminded that Neil or his friends played all of these instruments on the original recordings used and that most of the world is quite happy listening to DJs anyway 🙂

When operating in this mode, his show includes fully synchronised video projections.


For those who just prefer acoustic performances, Neil also has extensive experience as an “unplugged” solo performer.  For a video example of this go here

The Pagan Love Cult inc

It’s difficult to book the whole Pagan Love Cult these days.
a) It’s cheaper just to get Neil on his own and
b) the other band members are pretty choosy about where & when they play

Still, they ARE available for select gigs…


To book any of these for your show or festival please get in touch via our contact page.