Words & Music by Neil Pike ©2012
From where I stand I see this land as a paradise that’s there for all to share.
Green tree growing, water flowing blue sky overhead, clean fresh air.
But there’s a corporate man with a short term plan licensed by the government to drill.
He’ll take what he wants and he’ll trash the rest, leave behind a poisoned mess when he’s had his fill.
He’s got the weight of the state on a golden plate.
The cops, the court, the rule of law is on his side.
Poison the air, set fire to the water.
This is madness, this is slaughter, this is suicide.

Drink from the river or die of thirst, there’s a crack in the sky, the dam’s about to burst.
Ya can’t eat money and ya can’t drink cash. Ya can’t breathe electricity, it’s an empty stash.
The only thing they care about is the dollar in their pocket.
My friends all say “if you’ve got a gate well brother you should lock it”.
But my gate’s all broke, it’s old like me and I never did fix the fence.
But when there’s someone’s walking over you, there’s this thing called self-defence.

And how much does one person really need?
Do we keep on digging gas wells till we’re choking in greed?
And how much is your lifestyle really worth?
Do we suck the last few dollars as we kill off the earth?

Trash the machinery, knock down the well.
This is my grandkids’ home you’re trying to sell.
Sugar in the petrol goes a long, long way.
The corporations leave the table when it’s their turn to pay.
And you don’t hurt life or ecology
Machines have got no feelings though they seems like fair game to me.
You know that all the rest is lies.
They kill you with a contract right between the eyes…